Look here every Friday for new things we're excited about!

Coin purses!

These adorable purses are perfect for girls of all ages!
They're big enough to fit
a tube of lipstick, spare change, or even jewelry!
Both stores carry a very large
selection of styles to pick
out the perfect one for your loved oned!

Novelty socks!

Dollar Zone is the perfect place to
buy early Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, or those small
gifts you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else in town!
These socks come in 12
super fun designs and they come
in two different sizes to fit anyone!

LA Girl lip plumper!

Both of our locations have been receiving huge
shipments of LA Colors and LA Girl cosmetics
loaded with brand new make up!
This LA Girl lip plumper/lip scrub display is just one the many new items we've gotten in this month.

With a larger selection of
this wonderful, cruelty free,
make up brand than anywhere else in town,
shop Dollar Zone!